EVOLUTIO: A Research Center for Evolution and Development


Welcome to our new project EVOLUTIO ACADEMIA, the educational branch of EVOLUTIO: A Research Center for Evolution and Development.

Our vision of education

We believe that education cannot and should not be a vertical and hierarchical delivery of a pre-formatted and standardized content, which is usually called “curriculum”. This is a Latin word meaning “course” and derived from curro, which means to move quickly and hastily. This word has fully fulfilled its destiny. Education moves fast. This prevents having enough time to think and question. To think takes time.
We believe that education should be personalized and individualized, following the rhythm and interests of each person. Not all of us have the same interests or the same curiosities. Education is there to awaken those interests and those curiosities. Education must fundamentally teach us to think. Education must fulfill its destiny, which is to unfold the content that each one carries within her/himself, which is what the word etymologically means.


Life: the Center of our Existence